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Things to consider for effectively managing your cloud systems licensing_Thumbs (1)


Sumtotal 18.2 update


1.Build a data-driven HR organization with People Analytics_thumbnail-2


Building Landing Pages and Dashboards for SumTotal-1


Transform Learning Content Validation process with Automation






Transform your LMS landing pages with Chasma Editor_thumbnail


Building Integrated Dashboards for your People Metrics (3)


Transform Learner experience with Virtual Reality-1


Things to consider when building Dashboards for your Sumtotal Advanced reporting with Jasper Studio-1


Visualizations in SumTotal Advanced Reporting-1




Accelerate Learning Delivery with Augmented Reality (2)


Eliminate the hassles of managing instructor-led training attendance with Chasma Event (1)


Ask Me Anything about Testing Your SumTotal LMS Integrations_thumbnail-1


Transform Learning Content Validation process with Automation-1


Sumtotal 18-1 Testing-1






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