Boost Learning with Advanced Modalities



Advanced Learning Modalities-2

Learning in the context of work

The best way to learn is by doing, but hands-on learning can create a lot of challenges and risks. 

  • Its often too expensive. Imagine what would happen if the only way to learn how to fly spacecraft were to fly them. 
  • Its too risky. Nobody wants a rookie operating a 6,000-ton crane lift. 
  • It can take too much time away from the job. Whos managing your fast food operation when the shift manager is training the newbie? 

Most situations aren't all that expensive or risky but creating a simulated work experience can save a lot of time and trouble. There are many kinds of simulations, but three methods make it easier for us to create a lifelike training environment-- at less cost and risk. 

  • Gamification enables us to gain mechanics to approximate on-the-job situations. 
  • Virtual Reality creates environments that replicate the real work situation. 
  • Augmented Reality pads new dimensions to the learning environment, such as showing features, actions, shapes, and colors that make hidden objects and information visible, like showing a simulated airflow. 

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