Analytics in SumTotal® Deployment



analytics in sumtotal deployment

Develop a Data-Driven L&D Team          

Many of our SumTotal customers have come to us because they are overwhelmed with building a library of reports and analytics that enables them to take learning management to the next level.   

SumTotal provides many of the basic reports for operational reporting but building a robust library of analytical reports is a do-it yourself job. 

Provide services that give you a jump-start in SumTotal Advanced Reporting®. 

Learn how we enable you to: 

  • Manage domains to control who can view a report. 
  • Use pre-filters to control role level and column level security. 
  • Create custom Ad Hoc Views to build your report library. 
  • Create, scheduleand deliver automated reports.  
  • And more … 

Get the details in our datasheet on SumTotal Reporting and Analytics services.