Back to Business: Reinvent Your Workplace Learning



Back to Business Reinvent Your Workplace Learning 14th

Back to Business - a path with growing business urgencies and a safety protocol heading all other the priorities. 

While businesses rush to adapt to the New Normal, achieving the right skills and capabilities is the "101" of our transformation. Finding relevant learning opportunities to up skill your workforce is more crucial now than ever. 

But in this vaccine-less world, meeting your daily personal and professional commitments itself is a feat. Your people hardly find time to learn unless what you offer is motivating, easy and agrees with their flow of work and life. 

Join our experts as they dig into the details on how a learning organization can reinvent its workplace learning strategies. 

Explore into the techniques of  

  • How Mobile learning can keep your learners engaged on the go,  
  • How your people can perform a new specific task with just-in-time support of Micro learning snippets 
  • How Social learning can help your people collaborate, share and learn in a connected ecosystem. 
  • And more 

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