Case Study

Centralize your Quoting Process integrated with Salesforce for better ROI



Reach targets in time with a centralized application that makes effective your entire complex quoting process.

Quoting process of lengthy and complex workflow involves building data, multiple service sales cycles, revisions and much more that make it troublesome to manage. Stakeholders involved at different stages also face challenges with inaccurate and untimely updates that delay the procedure

So why not automate whole of the process with an innovative application that answers the challenges?

This case study on title "Centralize your Quoting Process integrated with Salesforce for better ROI" enlightens you on

  1. How to build a custom application to be integrated with salesforce to enhance quoting process
  2. How the complex workflow of the captured deal is effectively automated
  3. How visualization of the entire process kept all stakeholders updated on the deal’s progress
  4. How the entire process was streamlined for efficient and on time closing of deals, leading to increased customer loyalty.