Case Study

Extend your legacy ticketing system integrating Exchange, Outlook & Custom Application



Take your Help desk services to another level of efficiency with on time support and issue handling for your customers.

Customer satisfaction is the key which unlocks the door of brand promotion, satisfied customers become good advertisers of a company’s products or services, thus it is a real need to give your customers the kind of support they are exactly looking for.

This case study on title "Extend your legacy ticketing system integrating Exchange, Outlook & Custom Application" throws light on how -

  1. Effective integration of Exchange, Outlook on Dot Net application enhanced the overall workflow of ticket handling process
  2. Storage and accurate tracking of reports enabled easy access to update reports whenever required
  3. Organizing of relevant email conversations into a single thread relived the support staff from the workload
  4. Direct interaction of application with customer and support portal, timely history tracking led to quick closures
  5. Customer Experience became a delight