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Pixentia Custom Learning Development and Support



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Learning Designed for The Way You Operate Your Business 

Hundreds of online skills training courses...thousands of online college programs...millions of online how-to videos...and a growing gaggle of vendors and consultants offering the same old stuff in a new package.

Stack all that up against custom learning designed for the way you do business.

The learning your people engage affects them far beyond skills and knowledge. Custom learning designed for your organization can:

  • reinforce your unique culture with a consistent message about your values,
  • reinforce the specific behaviors that drive your competitive advantage,
  • show you care about your employees’ growth, and
  • remind them of the “why” behind the work they do.

And it is surprisingly affordable—much more so than seeing your most talented people leave for better learning opportunities.

Pixentia uses state-of-the-art design tools to speed up the development process, and that saves you time and money. We support the entire learning life cycle, from concept to design, from delivery to measuring impact on your organization.

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