Drive Better Business Decisions with Learning and Performance Data




Are you still struggling to show how learning impacts your business?

      You are not alone

    • CEOs want to know what value they get for their L&D spending.  
    • 96% of L&D leaders want to measure and show the impact their programs have on the business. 

Yet many, or perhaps even most, are still stuck in the old model of reporting on enrollments, course completions, and learner satisfaction. 

That won't help your CEO make the right decisions about learning.  But with some hard work and a little help, you can turn that around using the resources you have.

Join our Webinar to learn from experts in learning and performance measurement.

Learn why, what, and how we measure:

    • Why We Measure will show you how measurement is a means to focus everyone in the organization on the things that matter. 
    • What We Measure leads you through the story you want to tell, your level of maturity, your strategy, and your talent priorities. 
    • How We Measure shows you how to use the talent and resources that already exist in your organization.
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