Unlock the Potential of Social Learning in Your SumTotal LMS

Unlock the Potential of Social Learning in Your SumTotal LMS

Your people seek to improve their skills and grow in their careers, and they do it best in a social collaborative setting, where they can learn from each other. Seventy-six percent of employees are looking for career growth opportunities and 87% of millennials claim that professional development and career growth are very important. 

               "What we learn with pleasure we never forget."

                                                                                                    -Alfred Mercier

When your people find it hard to communicate and collaborate, they feel pressured not knowing where to find the answers or resources they need. They lose momentum. 

Weak communication can lead to a drop in the levels of engagement and retention. Eighty-six percent of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures. 

While most learning takes place in experience, much happens through social learning – but formal methods have the least impact on learning. Helping your people communicate, collaborate and learn on the job can unlock hidden learning opportunities. 

Tapping into SumTotal Social for a Training Advantage  

In SumTotal 18.2, we have a wholly re-engineered social platform – one that can help  your organization adapt to social learning now.  

Social learning is the process of learning from interactions or conversations with peers, leaders, social media channels and communities. Blogs, wikis, online forums, and social media have become centers of learning where your people go to get what they need when they need it most.  

Integrating social learning tools with your learning systems can help you maximize your training efficiency. It helps your learners connect with peers and leaders, draws in knowledge that improves performance, and sustains learning across your teams.  

Allowing users to comment on threads and poll users, it gives you options to set up and designate these features to all users or to a specific group of users. This brings all your users together and helps you learn their needs.  

BYOD for Greater Learning Flexibility 

SumTotal LMS supports the Bring Your Own Device approach, which can improve learner engagement as they tap into their own devices to accomplish learning. When your people learn using the devices they are comfortable with, they can learn at a faster pace without the hurdles of learning a new system. It creates  efficiencies and allows you to realign your device budgets towards content for your learners.  

Networking for Collaborative Learning 

Initiating learning through informal styles like behavior modeling, browsing social media channels and peer-to-peer and peer-to-leader interactions in the workplace gives you better learning outcomes. 

SumTotal Social allows your learners to build communities, post blogs, initiate and respond to discussions, share files and integrate standard styles into workflows. These options enable learners to reach their targeted learning content faster and interact with peers and managers. 

Integration with Messaging Apps for Social Learning 

Messaging apps now have over 5 billion monthly users worldwide. SumTotal now is planning integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack to build on the existing integration with Yammer. 

Making learning available on your enterprise collaboration platforms not only brings learning into the flow of your work but also keeps your learners engaged, efficiently sustaining the learning momentum.

Social Tools for Continuous Learning 

Social learning is continuous, unlike the formal method that happens within a set time frame.   

When you socialize your enterprise learning, it puts your learners in a collaborative setting that speeds up learning and gives your business a competitive advantage through learning agility. 

Leverage SumTotal Gamification for engaging learning experiences

Leverage SumTotal Gamification for Engaging Learning Experiences

Ineffective training leads to lost in time, effort and turnover. The average total loss to a business from ineffective training is thirteen and a half million dollars per year per 1000 employees, and forty percent of employees with poor training leave their jobs within the first year.   

You can make your training engaging and more effective with game techniques adapted to learning. 

Gamification in learning and development today has a great potential to engage learners. Eighty-nine percent of employees responded in a survey that they would be more engaged in an e-learning application if it had point-system. Sixty percent of learners would be motivated by leader-boards and increased competition between students.  

Implementing Gamification in learning helps to set goals for learners to achieve, assign them badges on their achievements, and show top performers on leader-boards to sustain learning momentum. 

Reward Learners with SumTotal Gamification  

SumTotal LMS gives you exciting gamification features that help your learners stay motivated and coming back for more.  

With SumTotal gamification you can: Gamification in Business: Are you Still on the Sidelines?

  • Reward your users whenever they complete a task, changing the rewards depending on context. 
  • Celebrate by leveling up when they succeed at each learning activity. 
  • Award badges as they accomplish learning objectives. 
  • Alert your learners with messages on points, levels and badges. 
  • Sum up learners’ status on leader-boards that display points and rank of top performers 

Badges and Levels for personalized learning rewards 

You can use badges and levels to show your learners their progress with eye-catching images. Offer them a graphical view of: 

  • their current level, 
  • points they have earned, 
  • status on their progress to next level with points yet to be earned and percentage of points earned, and 
  • badges earned and yet to be earned. 

Leader-boards to reinforce learning motivation  

Leader-boards stimulate your learner’s competitive spirit.  

You can use leaderboards to present your top performers and how they level up and down against each other. You can also help learners with a gamification summary that shows where your learners stand in relation to others and the total points and badges your learners have earned. 

Gamify. Reward. Sustain Learners’ Interest 

Make learning an experience that your learners want to repeat. Gamify to reward and improve learning performance.  

Engage Your Learners on the Go with SumTotal Mobile Learning

Engage Your Learners on the Go with SumTotal Mobile Learning

                    Clark, a sales rep, is waiting at the airport ready to catch a flight. He has some time to finish his new product knowledge training, so he checked into his LMS, only to find that the course is not yet available on mobile. He is frustrated about the real-time availability of training. 

                   Cindy is traveling back to the office after a holiday. She wants to review her training on Closing a Sale before she goes on the floor that day. She checks her mobile to see if it is available. It isn’t, and she doesn’t feel ready.  

When your employees want to learn but have no way to do it, it can kill their motivation. Keeping training accessible to your employees can engage them and help you drive better performance.  

Make learning accessible with SumTotal Mobile Learning  

One of the ways you can help your employees access training on the go is through mobile learning 

According to a 2016 Forbes Insights report, “Mobility solutions will increasingly serve as a cognitive extension, empowering employees and organizations to quickly acquire new skills, work more and better together, and make better decisions.”  

Create a Flexible Learning Environment 

One of the biggest advantages of mobile learning is flexibility. Your learners can tap into their learning path using the devices they use every day. This is a plus for employees who support you from remote locations. They can access the courses online or offline, learn during their break time or when they wait for appointments. 

Facilitate Learning on Demand and Micro Learning 

Your employees need learning on demand to meet the emerging needs of clients, peers, or team mates. They need to stay updated on the latest technology trends and resources, so they become confident and competent.  A mobile learning app can meet the unique learning requirements of your teams and be available to them whenever and wherever they need it 

SumTotal mobile learning offers users a modern user interface and a flexible path to consume learning online or offline. With user-friendly options, it makes learning an agile experience. 

  • Learn using any device - It allows you to publish learning activities for learning on desktops or most mobile devices.  
  • On-the-go learning - Your learners can download courses and consume offline wherever they are. 
  • Bookmarking - Your learners can start learning on one device and pick up from where they left off using another device 
  • Content management - You can configure the app to automatically purge content completed and passed. 
  • View learning summary - Your learners can access their transcripts to view their learning history.


Engage Your Learners on the Go with SumTotal Mobile Learning

Engage Your learners On the Go with SumTotal Mobile Learning

Drive High Performance  

Learning needs to be constant, but time to learn is elusive. According to research by Deloitte, 1% of a typical work week is all that employees have to focus on training and development. That is just 24 minutes a week. 

Mobile learning can help capture those moments on the go and make them productive. This not only sustains motivation in learning but also enhances their performance at work. 

Go Mobile 

SumTotal Mobile application will enable you deliver the tools your workforce needs to meet today’s learning challenges and those of the future. 

  • Make learning more accessible and flexible. 
  • Deliver bite sized learning that enable learning on the go. 
  • Drive performance with learning on demand so your people can learn when and where they need it. 

Let SumTotal lms Mobile be your ticket to effective learning. 

Empower your Supply Chain with SumTotal Extended Enterprise Learning


Your business success is not just dependent on the people inside your company but also your customers, partners, resellers, contractors, distributors, and others—your extended enterprise. It is a network of organizations working together to accomplish a common purpose. People in this network rely on each other to share knowledge and achieve goals. 

As many organizations have learned, leaders don’t always have complete control over their company’s operations or reputation in an extended enterprise. They must lead through influence. How much alignment they have depends to a great extent on how well they communicate their vision, purpose, and standards. 

An extended enterprise LMS can promote standards through learning and certification; it can also support your vision and purpose, not only through messaging communication but through education. 

Customer training strengthens your brand’s credibility

Training your customers can offer them all the knowledge they need while interacting with your products. This helps them feel supported. Not only this increases awareness on your products and services but also enables a quick understanding of your culture and value proposition.  

This can reinforce your credibility and can bring them or their friends back to you 

Scale your business with partner training 

Partner training can also bring you many advantages. 

  • Offering the right foundational knowledge during onboarding can help your partners assimilate into the culture.  
  • Advanced sales training can equip your partners with insights that grow your sales. 
  • You can enable your partners to handle common customer questions, guide customers in finding solutions, lower your churn rate, and improve your net promoter score. 

Training your distributors and resellers drive profitability 

Your distributors and resellers need real-time information to perform their best. You can keep them informed with product knowledge, product update information and technical insights they need to support the sales process. 

Well-trained sales staff sells more. Their employers enjoy higher revenue and higher employee retention. 

Train your suppliers to maximize your supply chain efficiency  

Maintaining strong relations with your suppliers is essential to improve your business.   

Your suppliers need to understand your specific needs, so they can support you with quality services. Training them can improve their knowledge on quality standards, product specifications, packaging requirements and help them stay compliant.  

Moreover, training your suppliers on business and management can help them handle deals and tasks better. They can also discover and implement new strategies that align with your business goals and drive success.  

Franchise Training to ensure quality across your ecosystem

Offering training to your franchises can help you ensure that all your business units uphold your values, quality standards, and run operations in the way you expect.  

This can standardize your business across the ecosystem, so your customers can count on quality wherever they go. 

                        “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” ― Benjamin Franklin 

According to the Brandon Hall Study 2017- “Extended Enterprise Learning: Generating Revenue and Adding Value” - 

  • 40% of organizations are generating revenue via extended enterprise learning, and almost one-third of those organizations  are recouping more than half of their LMS costs. 
  • 56% of organizations say their extended enterprise learning efforts are effective or very effective – considerably better than  overall learning effectiveness.  

Building training to a wide variety of external audiences - each with a unique learning need, is complex unless you have a modern learning platform – one that can serve relevant learning, communicate to each user to help accomplish tasks together.  

Enhance the performance of your extended enterprise with SumTotal 

SumTotal Extended enterprise can help you deliver a consistent learning experience to your external audiences. It can support your entire learning ecosystem with people-centric tools that can bring value to your extended team.  

Advanced Admin features to accelerate learning adoption

With SumTotal Extended enterprise admin features, your learning administrators can - 

  • Gain control over activity costs and its capabilities to support your partner organizations, multi-language support, e-commerce capabilities. 
  • Create self-paced activity bundles that allow users to access more content. 

Learner-centric options to ease process and sustain interest 

SumTotal optimizes learning process for your extended enterprise learners and makes the whole experience intuitive. Now your learners can   

  • Manage and pay for content in one transaction with convenient activity bundles, shopping cart and invoice screens. 
  • Stay informed with notifications for purchase and content expiration. 

Expand your Business Success

SumTotal Extended enterprise will help you share knowledge and tools your people need to succeed. 

  • Reduce your admin overload. 
  • Make accessing learning swift and straightforward. 
  • Motivate your external audiences with user-centric learning when they need it.  
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing all your network is up to date with latest info or course content. 

An effective training approach can help your external audiences stay updated with your company’s vision, products, and services they need to grow your business.  

Let SumTotal Extended enterprise be your tool to train your external audiences and drive business efficiency. 

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