Integrations for SumTotal® Learn Implementation



pixentia integrations for sumtotal

Drive workforce development with connected learning 

When the highly productive we know want to learn something new to get things done and advance their careersthey want relevant learning resources at their fingertips—right now. 

The world is awash in good learning content, available at the click of a mouse. All you need to do is make it accessible. 

All it takes is good source and a connection with SumTotal. In some cases, you have plug-and-play connections built right into the Learn LMS. But if you need to build an integration and you can’t get on IT’s schedule until sometime next yearwhat do you do? 

Let Pixentia handle your learning integrations, so you can provide the learning experience that will boost engagement. 

Download our datasheet on Integrations for SumTotal® Learn to explore how we make your integrations hassle-free.