Optimizing Learner Experience In SumTotal


Struggling with your SumTotal Dashboards?

Want to build learner-centric LMS dashboards to sustain learners’ motivation?

Here's our webinar recording that can help you.

This session will enlighten on how you can -
  • Embed leader boards, progress indicators, and other learning motivation tools.
  • Add news and messaging elements to reinforce your company culture.
  • Provide easy access to targeted information without complex programming.
  • Embed collaboration tools directly into your landing pages and portals.
  • Use the plug and play integrations with your application datasets.
  • Personalize your LMS dashboards and drive learner engagement without programming and design skills

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SumTotal Learn Analytics



Are you struggling to build your reporting library and achieve your reporting goals?

Want to drive the maximum value of your SumTotal Advanced Reporting?

Here's a resource that can help you.

Learn how you can -
  • Schedule and distribute reports
  • Create and customize ad hoc views, including custom and calculated fields
  • Manage reports governance, naming conventions, and catalog structure
  • Create Automated reports, stunning dashboards, and advanced analytical models
  • And more....

Go beyond operational reporting to advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics to drive better decisions at every level of your organization.

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Motivate Learning With Gamification In SumTotal



Struggling to engage your people in learning?

Want to make learning an experience that your learners want to repeat?

Learn how Gamification in SumTotal can help you transform your learner experience.

Discover how you can:
  • Define your gamification strategy.
  • Motivate learners with game mechanics that boost participation.
  • Delight your learners with leaderboards that stimulate competitive spirit.
  • Reward achievements and "level up" to sustain interest.
  • Create an emotional connection that amplifies learning retention.

    Gamify and make learning an activity your people will look forward to.

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SumTotal 19.3 has Arrived!

Get an edge on putting SumTotal 19.3 update's new features and enhancements to work 

Explore updates in Learn to see how it offers an improved experience for your learners, managers, and administrators.  

  • SumTotal Intelligent Assistant (SIA)
  • Integrations Enhancements
  • Versional Enhancements
  • New Activity Roster Management Options
  • Enterprise Search: Support Phrase Match for Learning
  • Mobile Enhancements
  • Additional Administrative Updates
  • And more.

Learn how you can drive maximum advantage from SumTotal 19.3 and make your SumTotal experience more intuitive and useful. 

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Self-Directed Learning with SumTotal & LinkedIn

Your people want to learn at their own pace.  

Learn how the partnership between LinkedIn and SumTotal meets your learners right where they want to be.  

Recent improvements in SumTotal’s LinkedIn integration make the platform a complete tool for self-directed learning:  

  • Simpler, automated Single Sign-On (SSO) eliminated the need for a separate login; the two technologies work together as one.  
  • LinkedIn learning assets launch as xAPI courses and import as tin can.xml files, giving you -more visibility into learning behaviors.  
  • With SumTotal 20.1 release, users will access LinkedIn Learning assets on their mobile devices.  

Discover how LinkedIn Learning integration with SumTotal can take your workforce to the next level of on demand, self-directed learning.

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