SumTotal Observation Checklists for a Safe return to Work




Like many of you, we are returning to our workplaces after a long isolation at home. 

Compliance for all of us is vital at this time, and we needed to organize all the things we must do, like preparing the work environment, providing PPE, cleaning, social distancing, and much more. 

Learn how SumTotal Observation Checklists can drive value in this process and play a vital role in effectively managing your compliance process. 

Join us for a webinar on how yocan utilize SumTotal Observation Checklists to manage your safe return to work.   

This webinar will show how you can: 

  • create specific activity and compliance checklists 
  • adapt proficiency scales and process readiness levels, and 
  • Allow your process administrators drive value and create processes efficiencies  

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