Transform Your SumTotal Portal into a Learning Destination



SumTotal has millions of users, so the portal is designed so anyone can use it. It’s generic, and...well, just a little bit boring. Transform SumTotal LMS into a gamified and brand-led learning portal_LP_W4.jpg

But it has endless possibilities.

Do you want your SumTotal LMS go beyond its traditional role of serving up content, tracking results, and reporting on completion? 

SumTotal designed the portal to be customized. All it takes is a little ingenuity and your ideas. 

Please fill in the form on your right, to download the prerecorded webinar on title "Transform SumTotal LMS into a gamified and brand-led learning portal" to know how you can customize your portal to make it unique, informative, and motivating.

You will learn how other SumTotal customers

  • Make the  portal an engaging experience that motivates people to learn and grow.
  • Display an advanced analytics dashboard for managers and executives.
  • Provide the tools for social learning and collaboration to reinforce and build on job knowledge.
  • Brand the portal to make your people feel part of a team.