Work your way through AngularJS




AngularJS is a very powerful JavaScript library used in Single Page Application (SPA) projects. A great way to get introduced to AngularJS is through this webinar. The app that is going to be demonstrated is a simple web-based application using AngularJS, WebAPI & MVC; with a special focus on the components of AngularJS.


This webinar on title "Work your way thorugh AngularJS" is designed for students who want to learn basics of AngularJS and its features in simple and easy steps.

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Expressions -  Angular expressions are like JavaScript expressions.

Modules - A module is a container for the different parts of the app – controllers, services, filters & directives etc.

Controllers - In Angular, a Controller is defined by a JavaScript constructor function that is used to augment the Angular Scope.

Directives - At a high level, directives are markers on a DOM element that tell AngularJS's HTML compiler to attach a specified behaviour to that DOM element or even transform the DOM element and its children.

Filters - A filter formats the value of an expression to display it to the user.

Services - Angular services are substitutable objects that are wired together using dependency injection (DI). 

Routes - Route is used for deep-linking URLs with controllers and views (HTML partials).