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Working with Total Versioning in SumTotal LMS



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Stop Learning Content Chaos with SumTotal Versioning

We don’t know about you, but it seems that most of us here have at some time or another in our careers spent an afternoon trying to find the right version of a resource, only to end up re-creating it. 

As painful as that can be, it is not as bad being unable to show an auditor that every employee has been trained on the most recent version of a required course. 

Fear not. Managing Total Versioning in SumTotal just got a lot easier. SumTotal Learn 19.has made Version management easier by enabling you to automate more versioning functions. 

Join us on December 4, at 12:00 PM where our learning experts will explore 

  • Automatic content versioning 
  • Configuring and managing Version activities  
  • Managing group assignments at the Version level 
  • Requiring learners to complete all versions of an activity in order 
  • Managing administrative Version settings 
  • Using TMU to upload Version content changes 

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