Build your human capital management proposals in the language your leaders understand




One of the biggest obstacles to funding human capital initiatives is the difficulty of making the connection between people initiatives and business results. With the right help you will easily make the connection, and we provide the tools you can use to present -- in a way that makes sense to finance-minded decision-makers.ROI_Calculator_LP.png

Dance the Business Impact Two-Step

The line-of-business leaders in your organization are experienced financial forecasters. Gain their support by making the conversation about their business objectives.

  1. Work with them to estimate the impact of their people initiatives. Help them solve their business problems, and help them forecast the expected results.
  2. Download our "ROI Worksheet" to capture the information you need to answer the questions foremost in your executive leaders’ minds:

How much will this project cost?

What are the financial benefits?

How long will it take to recover our investment?

Use your worksheet to prepare for a new conversation about the business impact of people on your organization.